Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Im sick..

I'm physically and emotionally sick. I have a fever 38.6 and I'm lovesick it feels like i haven't talked to him in ages!!! I hope to see him tomorrow

I miss Him!!!!!

I wish everything will go smooth tomorrow. It's my first day as a "SERIOUS" (How I wish!)College student in RTRMS.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm giving you up....

This would be the last....I promise...You may have heard this for a thousand times but this time it's true..

I was browsing our old pictures together..I remembered the old days when we were still happy...we both messed up with this relationship but I realized nothing could ever bring our lost love back.... up to now it still hurts, it can still make me cry because I know it will never be the same again..

My friends keep on telling me to forget about him and now I'm finally letting go..It's really hard...but it's for the best...I don't want to make a fool of myself anymore...

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I miss you guys....

I miss my friends and classmates!!

I guess we're up to face the new challenges the lies ahead of us. I just wanna tell you guys that no matter what happen I will always be here for you.

As for me...I'm going to study in Makati Med School of Nursing. well not because my parents want to or because I could go to states or europe. It's not like that, Nursing will be my pre-med. I wanna be a pediatrician.I just hope I can make it.

how's my lovelife you may ask??
blank, zero , rei, nada....I have a lot of suitors this summer as well as admirers but I'm still taking my time.. Being single is really fun. You can do wahtever you want and you could mingle with anyone you like in short. I'm just enjoying life!!There's nothing wrong with that right??

By the way....
I'm wearing glasses now. My school requires it. I'll post a picture of me wearing it some other time. I really hate it!! It makes me look stupid and it messes up with my outfit of the day. Everybody keeps on telling me that it really looks nice even my mom...Well I don't feel like it.

Well everything seems to be fine now. My batchmates/classmates have their schools now. I hope that they will keep me updated of what's happening. I wish nothing will change....
Love you all....

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Life goes on....

Even if my life is not that colorful anymore, no love life...but I can live with that. I still have my friends and family by my side. I really feel very depressed suddenly I feel something is wrong with me and the worst part is I dunno why...I just have to focus and be contented..yep! that's right that's exactly what I have to goes on...Oh my!! I almost forgot I passed all the universities except UST for interview at least*...hahhahahhaahha...can't wait to graduate and leave all the freakin past behind..but I'll bring all the good memories with my friends...that's for keeps!! well...there's nothing more in my life...I don't text Rolan anymore...don't like his attitude believe me I would rather choose the attitude of my sister combined with the plastics in school than His.It sounds to harsh but it's true. I wouldn't believe it myself until I bumped my head on the table and finally realize all his wrong doings is not worth it. I can't belive I have fallen for a guy like that....well..I have said so much...I'm not plastic this is just my opnion...don't worry I told him already.Urgh....I just can't believe that we are suppose to go to crame this saturday....but wait! ther is also some good side...I will have the chance to meet my friends in greenhills...that is the only good reason...and nothing more!!!! I heard the SPECOP 2, my greenhills friends invited me it will be this bad the only sta student will be going there is Iris...we are going to diss that freakin' party..Yeahboy!!! hahhahaha...."We just don't like the crowd that they have" it's not worth hanging around...yeah...I know...I'm bad...but truth hurts!!well that's it...for now....

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Monday, January 09, 2006

So much has been said

It's monday, and everything has to be done in order..well..I started the week right by being good to everybody (like I always do) but this day was special. I was able to tell all my classmates what I really feel and they listened to me (I'm so glad!) but you know..there will always be side comments after that, but I don't care anymore..I told them that I was hurt with ahwt they did, some of them said sorry, but some of them dosen't mind at*toot*) you know who...I really don't care I've done my part, well so much for that..I ate a lot of stuff because of the "coupons in McDonalds" well Queenie, Anne, Hadeel and I went to Mcdonalds after class we ate Spag, McChiken meal and McFlurry of course!! we had a great time together...but the only problem is up to now I haven't studied yet...but..I got Thomas Brenabe's number...Yehey!!!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Chances that I took..

People simply dosen't understand me. They've been judging me since this incident happen....well here goes...I broke up with my "x" cause I'm starting to fall in love with someone I didn't think I would fall in love with.His name was Roly Poly oley (code name). I've been thinking what if I continue the relationship that I have with my "x" and just learn to love him that way I did before, the other one is...Take the risk of loosing someone who loves me so much however be happy with the man I truly love. So I took the chances of risking him in order to be happy. People misunderstood the descion that I made, but I'm still young and has so much to live for right??and it dosen't mean that I will be going steady with him for the rest of my life right?? I envy those people who has found the right partner for them.But I'm very greatful to have bestfriends like Bea and Mae who is always there for me, they never fail to confront me whenever I'm wrong, they say it right in front of my face...(they're not like other girls who tells bad things behind your back)..True friends like Marianne, Czarina, Johann, Ayeth, Queenie, Anne and the others If ever I fail to say their names.My friends are always there for me no matter what...Love you guys!!

Happy Birthday to Miguel Aquino!!!

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Friday, December 30, 2005

How stupid..

I dunno why I told...toot.. that we're just friends..I'm so stupid..but still he appreciates it. I hope I still have time to correct my mistakes. I made up my mind to tell him the truth this January 2 (personally) so i could see his reaction. I just hope that I don't mess up, it's a good thing that Mae and Bea will be there...( I dunno what to do without them!)..I really like him..I mean love him...and I will take the risk of telling the truth to him..wish me luck!!

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